We share our success with others.

How does helping other people go together with running an effective business?

Limpol is not only one of the leaders of food industry, but also a Polish, family company which enjoys helping other people. For more than 20 years it has been involved in charity activities.

For Limpol, partnership, cooperation, and success sharing are not just words or slogans – they mean real help and support of public benefit organizations, sports initiatives, and disabled persons.

As the company we try to be close to other people through different forms of help. We are passionately involved in a number of prosocial actions. We do not make any calculations, we simply help wherever and whenever we can. Our position and possibilities oblige us to do so, but above all, this is all about empathy and sensitivity to other people’s plight, says Oksana Lubowiecka, Limpol’s President and owner.

We support financially the “Tęcza” [“Rainbow” in English] Association of Parents and Children with Down syndrome in Krakow. We are impressed with the extraordinary energy and musical enthusiasm of the “rainbow children”. For years we have also helped the Occupational Therapy Workshops of the Gaudium et Spes Society for Social Assistance. During the holiday we sponsor the trips of its charges, as well as promoting the products of their work by organizing seasonal fairs.

We support various sports initiatives. I myself actively practice sports, and I believe that this is an area in which everyone can find personal fulfillment.  Therefore, Limpol sponsors the team of disabled skiers together with Igor Sikorski – a brown medal winner during the Paralympic Games in Pyeongchang. We also sponsor such personalities as Michał Kłusak – the current coach of the national team of Paralympians – who himself is a one-time Olympian, and a member of the Alpine skiing team.

Such relationships and contacts are important for us. We are always alert to the problems of people in need. We also try to participate in the development of the young karatekas from the Krakow Traditional Karate Club. We frequently sponsor events connected with this discipline. We help them all develop, overcome barriers, and achieve the self-determined goals. And we strongly support them, adds Oksana Lubowiecka.

We like challenges. Unique and bold ideas always attract our attention.  Recently, for over a year, we have supported a couple of travelers, Weronika Brączek and Kamil Szołtysek, who cycled along the Silk Route, and got as far as Japan.

In our charity activities, we always let the heart be our guide. The measure of Limpol’s success is the combination of business effectiveness and of the mission based on the values pursued by our entire team. Helping the needy is  the life motto to all of us – President Oksana Lubowiecka concludes.