Product of the month – September

Tomatoes 2500g
Thanks to the can of Italian pelati tomatoes we can enjoy their fragrant taste throughout the whole year. Fleshy, aromatic, beautifully colored, and peeled they will become a base of many dishes, both simple and elaborate. Soups and sauces, meat goulashes, and vegetable curries based on our tomatoes will reside in your kitchen for a long time. Feel the warmth of the Italian sun enclosed in a can of pelati tomatoes.

Tomatoes 400 g
Whole peeled tomatoes are an important ingredient of many soups, pizzas, and sauces. Tomatoes mixed with right spices produce a unique taste. Those ripening in the southern sunshine of Italy are an irreplaceable product in every kitchen. Inspiration for using them you can sought in Italy. How about spaghetti with pelati tomatoes?