Limpol’s Director: Finance and cooking have quite a lot in common

The Chief Financial Officer of the company Limpol – Maciej Bogusz, who is also a great lover of cooking, has decided to tell us how much finance and cooking have in common.
Limpol Sp. z o.o. is a Polish company, which is one of the distribution leaders of food products on the Polish market, and the owner of the VERA brand. It imports more than 140 food articles from as many as 31 countries, and 5 continents. Maciej Bogusz is the person whose work, on a daily basis, consists in managing the finance of this huge enterprise.

The business which Limpol is doing is not an easy one – importing goods, practically from all over the world, requires experience and professionalism. Financing in this area is really essential –securing properly the liquidity of the company is a key element of its operations. The finance affects basically each part of the final results of the company. What is more, quite a lot depends on the cooperation of the whole team, and on its commitment to the business targets. In our business, also the cooperation with financial institutions is very significant. The proper selection of products guarantees our optimal functioning and allows us to limit the risk and to reduce the costs. As an example, I may indicate that we take advantage of almost every type of factoring – non-recourse, recourse, reverse, and also one in foreign currencies. In this way, we accelerate the circulation of money, and at the same time we limit the foreign exchange risk – explains Maciej Bogusz.

Although the above-mentioned issues seem rather complicated, Limpol’s CFO explains that his specialty has much in common with cuisine, cooking, and the widely understood culinary art.

Finances are a bit like our products in the kitchen – at present, we have a great variety of different financial products, and it is very much the same with cooking stuff. The key thing is to use modern solutions courageously, and to combine them adequately. We operate in a variable environment, so all the time we have to look for an optimal path of business development – adds Maciej Bogusz.

– If we are to refer to the culinary aspect – like in the case of any living organism, it is important to maintain a proper diet, and sometimes to choose sophisticated but easily digestible solutions. The today’s functioning of the company, on the one hand, requires extensive knowledge and quick reactions, but on the other, we also have a plethora of opportunities on the market, which make the current functioning easier – among others, I have outsourcing of some processes in mind – he further explains.

Privately, Maciej Bogusz is a great gourmet…

– As far as cooking is concerned, I have always been a great fan of tomatoes. Nowadays, I really have a great opportunity for performance, as such a wide range of exquisite quality products are available. My favorite breakfast consists of a Tunisian dish called shakshuka – a simple but ingenious combination of eggs, tomatoes and peppers. In the rushing contemporary world, it is important to be able to prepare a meal quickly, and in the case of shakshuka our products make it really easy – I mean canned tomatoes, fried tomatoes – tomate frito, and grilled peppers in brine – says our interlocutor by way of summary.