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We are a leader in the food industry in Poland

For 24 years we have been importing food products from all over the world. We are present in the whole country and we export to numerous European countries. We offer FMCG classic and exotic articles under the VERA brand. Our offer includes processed fruit and vegetables in cans and jars, tomato concentrates and purées, olive oils, traditional Italian pastas, sauces, and Mediterranean delicacies. Every year we strengthen our position on the market by expanding our products range and introducing new food products, by including new European markets in our export, and by offering private label products to the leading commercial chains.

The whole world in your kitchen!

We sell most of the offered products under our own VERA brand. In Italian, Vera means real. We make sure that our carefully selected and proven products meet the expectations of the most demanding clients. For more than 20 years we have consistently been building the identity of our brand on the retail market by constantly expanding the offer, and by always maintaining high quality and attractive prices. The wide range of our food articles evolves all the time, and therefore we regularly offer both bestsellers and novelties. In our offer you will find both classic and exotic tastes from different parts of the world, processed fruit and vegetables in cans and jars, concentrates and purées, olive oils, traditional Italian pastas and sauces, Mediterranean delicacies, coconut products, party snacks, and much more than that.


VERA for HoReCa & Food Industry

In response to the high demand from the catering market in Poland, we have created a special line of VERA for HoReCa & Food Industry products, which we dedicate to the HoReCa sector. We supply catering businesses with processed fruit and vegetables in large, economic packages. VERA for HoReCa & Food Industry is a wide range of food articles from all over the world, which we effectively develop by introducing novelties on a regular basis.


For years we have been travelling far and wide in search of interesting products. We import them from 33 countries and from 5 continents. The origins, proven quality, and taste advantages are the incontestable attributes of our branded products. Renown manufacturers from all over the world have made us as their distributor. The trust, which we have built in cooperation with them, allows us to establish new business relations. Thanks to this we can regularly expand our offer by proposing new branded items.
We import traditional pastas from Italy, Greek delicacies – sweet halvas, fruit jams, flavored olive oils from Crete, stuffed olives, Balkan Ajvar and Ljutenica relishes, Spanish sauces and dips.

We Specialize in Private labels

We prepare private label products together with our clients, taking into account their requirements and suggestions. Our skills and years of experience in this field constitute a guarantee of creating for you a special offer of products which will soon become popular with consumers.


Krzysztof Żurek

He is a person well known in the catering environment who conducts with enthusiasm culinary workshops and shows for cooks and for anyone who is interested in our VERA GASTRONOMIA – HoReCa & Food Industry product line dedicated to the
HoReCa sector. Making use of VERA GASTRONOMIA – HoReCa & Food Industry products he creates interesting and unique meal proposals, which may successfully be introduced into the everyday menu of any restaurant. He belongs to the generation which has changed the nature of the Polish contemporary catering. Thanks to his long-term experience gained at the most renowned kitchens in Poland, Italy, and France, he belongs to the best Polish chefs. He is the chef at the Trzy Rybki Restaurant at the Stary Hotel in Krakow. He has been awarded a number of prizes. His cooking style includes classic and seasonal tastes in bold and modern arrangements.


Years of experience, well established commercial contacts, and the selected highest quality products have allowed us to solidify our strong market position. It results in a wide circle of regular commercial partners which include the leading commercial chains, food wholesalers, and clients representing the catering business.


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